A yearly event sponsored by the Local Government Unit of Tuao thru Mayor Atty. Francisco Kiko Mamba Jr. for our children and our youth. This activity promotes and develops the skills of children and youth in any field of sports. It is one way to keep the youth be exposed in this kind of event rather than drugs. Also one strategy of the LGU of Tuao to avoid juvenile delinquency.


Contested events & winners with their prizes are listed below:

1. Cycling Mountain Bike

1st- P2,000 - Peter Bauit - Alabug

2nd - P1,500 - Carlito Valenzuela Jr. - Lallayug

3rd- P1,000 - Raffy Molina- CAto

2. Horse Race

1st-P3,000 - Oscar Abogado-Bagumbayan

2nd - P2,500 - Enrique Doneza - Battung

3rd - P1,500 - Ryan Cabigas - Barancuag

3. BMX Cycling (below 14 y/o)

1st-P1,500 - Kevin Dave Turo -Bagumbayan

2nd - P1,000 - mario pascual -Battung

3rd - P800 - Mark Arios - bagumbayan

4. 5-KM Run

1st- 2000 - Junjun Aggangan-Lallayug

2nd- P1,500-Jay-Ar Andam - alabug

3rd - P1,000 - Rodel Dacayanan - Bagumbayan

5. 200-M Dash (Elem. Male)

1st - P400 - Rocky Cafugauan -Mungo

2nd - P 300-Bryan Publico - Mungo

3rd- P200 - Aldrin Baula-Mungo

6. 200-M Dash (Elem. Female)

1st- P400 - Khie-Ann Dumacil-Battung

2nd -P300 - Jumairah Lozano-Centro 01

3rd - P200-Jasmine Mae Pamittan - Cato

7. 500-M DASh (Male)

1st-P800-Rick Bitun - Cato

2nd-P500 - Jaypee Ardiles - Lallayug

3rd-P300-Jowin Aggangan-Lallayug

8. 500-M Dash (Female)

1st-P800 - Fe Basiuang -Mungo

2nd- P500- Nica Taliping - Mngo

3rd- P300- Brenda Encollado-alabug

9. Pig Hunting winners (prizes are piglets)

- james medrano - Centro 01

-Arnold narag -Lallayug

-Mark Alvin soriano - Alabug

-Ramil Robles - Lallayug

Jenny Pacion - BUlagao

The INvitational Goodwill  games was also conducted at the same time inside the LNM Gym 1.

First game: BAsketball girls - INHS vs. Lyceum of Tuao

2nd game: Basketball boys: INHS vs. Lyceum of Tuao

3rd game : Team Tuao vs Team Tuguegarao(A)

4th game : Lyceum of Tuao vs. Team Tuguegarao(B)

It was a tedious yet exciting event for everyone!!

Congratulations to all the winners and to our responders in the invitational goodwill games!!!

Thank you so much!!!


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