The MSRT, a brainchild of Cong. Manuel N. Mamba, then Mayor of Tuao, is an organization that provides the mechanism for full participation & active involvement of all Tuaoeños in the building of Tuao.


Organized in 1990, it was a device used to galvanize the capacities of the people and to spur each Tuaoeño into new feats of productivity with the use of readily available materials and depending largely on their skills, talents and resourcefulness, with minimum assistance from government.

The Movement, in each purok in all 32 barangays, has its own set of officers.  It also has its own stand-by funds for emergencies.

They have established their own mortuary assistance and given loans for the sick and victims of calamities.  Each MSRT has also its own well-coordinated  manpower resources that can be harnessed during disaster and relief operations or emergency town meetings.

The MSRT Coordinator,  who  is a volunteer councilman in every Barangay,  oversees the whole MSRT operation in the 6 puroks.

The meeting of MSRT in every purok is once a month.

The volunteer councilman(MSRT Coordinator) submits the reports per purok  to the MPDC office.  The MPDC office will have to summarize the reports of the 32 barangays and submits them to the Congressman,  copy furnished the Mayor.

Contents of the MSRT Report:

A. Barangay and Purok

B. Purok Accomplishments

C. Meeting (described herein is the date, total no. of members, no. of participants) and agenda.

D. Finance (report showing  how much is the available amount  to date)

E. Observations and Recommendations

F. Problems

G. Guests Present

H. Current  number  of OCW’s in the purok

MSRT membership form is filled up by an individual who wants to become a member of the said organization of MSRT. He is given an MSRT ID Card  to show that he is supportive to the programs  of MSRT and  abides by its rules.

The Movement is now on its 19th year of existence.

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