(Bamboo Cake)

Malagkit ( Rice Cake)

Furniture Set


A Brainchild of Atty. Francisco N. Mamba, Jr., this innovative public service came into operation by virtue of Executive Order No. 95-01 issued upon his assumption into office on July 3, 1995.  The maxim “public service is a public trust; a delayed service is service denied”, is the motivating factor for all LGU employees to take immediate action on any request for assistance.

The MSRT, a brainchild of Cong. Manuel N. Mamba, then Mayor of Tuao, is an organization that provides the mechanism for full participation & active involvement of all Tuaoeños in the building of Tuao.

This program was first introduced by the Honorable Congressman, Dr. Manuel N. Mamba during his stint as Mayor of Tuao, Cagayan from 1988 to 1995.  His younger brother, presently the Presidential Assistant for Region 02, had maintained the program during his three (3) consecutive terms as Mayor of Tuao from 1995 to 2004.  Today, because of the various benefits and gains derived from the program, the  administration of Honorable William N. Mamba is bent on  institutionalizing it.

Cassily Lake East

Pavillion & Swimming Pool
Cassily Lake Resort

Cassily Lake

Greenbelt Area